November 18,


Meeting of the Bureau with british MPS

The members of the Bureau met with British MPs to discuss the issue of citizens' rights, the organisation of a possible conference in 2021 and the implementation of the withdrawal agreement.

MAY 18,


The EU-UK FSG is in the Parliament Magazine

The Bureau of the Friendship Group has published an Op-Ed on the activities of the group. In it, the Bureau recalls that the Group is "an entry point for citizens to reach us, raise their concerns [...] and make sure that each party fulfils its obligations."

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MAY 18,



Today, the Bureau of the EU-UK Friendship Group met with members of the European Union Committee of the House of Lords to discuss possible opportunities to work together.

April 28,


from 3 to 4.30 PM cET

"the impact of brexit on citizens rights in the UK and the eu"

For its first event, the EU-UK Friendship Group invited Prof. Tanja Bueltmann (professor of Migration History at Northumbria University), Ms Jane Golding (co-chair of British in Europe) and Mr Kuba Jablonowski (Research Associate, the 3million) in order to have a constructive and structured debate and explore concrete pathways for ensuring the protection of citizens' rights.

April 15,


Meeting of the UK FSG Bureau

Ahead of the Webinar to be organised on April 28, the members of the Bureau of the UK Friendship Group meet to discuss its organisation and its content.

march 26, 2020

Letter to Mr Josep Borrell Fontelles, HRVP

On March 26, 2020, the Members of the Bureau have sent a letter to Mr Borrell, High Representative/Vice President, offering support in order to maintain the proper staffing of the EU Delegation in the United Kingdom. The EU delegation plays a crucial role in providing legal means and advice to EU citizens in the UK.                                                                                  

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march 24, 2020

First meeting of the UK FSG Bureau

On March 24, members of the Bureau of the UK Friendship Group met for their first formal meeting in order to discuss the upcoming events and how to organise them properly in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.