In addition to the Bureau members, the following MEPs and former MEPs are members of the EU-UK Friendship Group :

Scott Ainslie (Green Party, UK)

Alviina Alamestä (Greens/EFA, Finland)

Christian Allard (SNP, UK)

Heather Anderson (SNP, UK)

Rasmus Andresen (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Margrete Auken (Greens/EFA, Denmark)

Alice Bah Kuhnke (Greens/EFA, Sweden)

Catherine Bearder (Lib Dems, UK)

Nicola Beer (Renew Europe, Germany)

Brando Benifei (S&D, Italy)

Philip Bennion (Lib Dems, UK)

Michael Bloss (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Udo Bullmann (S&D, Germany)

Delara Burkhardt (S&D, Germany)

Ellie Chowns (Green Party, UK)

Jakope Dalunde (GREEN/EDA, Sweden)

Seb Dance (Labour Party, UK)

Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (Greens/EFA, France)

Dinesh Dhamija (Lib Dems, UK)

Gina Dowden (Green Party, UK)

Laurence Farreng (Renew Europe, France)

Barbara Gibson (Lib Dems, UK)

Neena Gill (Labour Party, UK)

Sandro Gozi (Renew, France)

Pär Holmgren (Greens/EFA, Sweden)

Antony Hook (Lib Dems, UK)

John Howarth (Labour Party, UK)

Sophie in 't Veld (Renew Europe, Netherlands)

Jackie Jones (Labour Party, UK)

Manolis Kefalogiannis (EPP, Greece)

Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative, UK)

Jude Kirton-Darling (Labour Party, UK)

Lukasz Kohut (S&D, Poland)

Ondrej Kovarik (Renew Europe, Czechia)

Andrius Kubilius (EPP, Lithuania)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (Renew Europe, Bulgaria)

Erik Marquardt (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Mairead McGuinness (EPP, Ireland)

Aileen McLeod (SNP, UK)

Karen Melchior (Renew Europe, Denmark)

Shaffaq Mohammed (Lib Dems, UK)

Claude Moraes (Labour Party, UK)

Javier Nart (Renew Europe, Spain)

Grace O'Sullivan (Greens/EFA, Ireland)

Rory Palmer (Labour Party, UK)

Jutta Paulus (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Mikula Peksa (Greens/EFA, Czechia)

Kira Peter-Hansen (Greens/EFA, Denmark)

Alexandra Louise Phillips (Green Party, UK)

Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero (S&D, Spain)

Daniela Rondinelli (Non-attached, Italy)

Catherine Rowett (Green Party, UK)

Alfred Sant (S&D, Malta)

Petri Sarvamaa (EPP, Finland)

Liesje Schreinemacher (Renew Europe, Netherlands)

Molly Scott Cato (Green Party, UK)

Ivan Stefanec (EEP, Slovakia)

Charles Tannock (Conservative, UK)

Nils Torvalds (Renew Europe, Finland)

Hilde Vautmans (Renew Europe, Belgium)

Caroline Voaden (Lib Dems, UK)

Irina von Wiese (Lib Dems, UK)

Jörgen Warborn (EPP, Sweden)

Julie Ward (Labour Party, UK)

Lara Wolters (S&D, Netherlands)


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